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No, I\’ve decided to skip insider preview for windows 19 for mobile. Am Daniel is showing ever more cool apps and hidden gems.

So the whole OS is getting every more refined with time even before the release of windows 10 for mobile! Just imagine what that means for the new IS! I don\’t think it\’s still going well. Does windows10 for mobile still have folder tiles? Quiet hours do not even show in Cortana Search on my If you have\’nt set Cortana , you wont find it My says Cortana is not available in my region.. My Lumia is very slow with the Lumia Camera with Denim sometimes.

Is taking too long to open, to save, sometimes crashes. The Lumia Selfie also crashes and takes too long to save a photo. Someone already tried Lumia Camera Beta with Lumia ? Is better? The Search experience for countries without Cortana is horrendous!! Hated that so far! The Whatsapp app does not has the great perfomance it has with the last app update. The perfomance is a little bit worse that before the update. Many apps is slower with Windows Photo app is taking too long to recognize an photo that I just took seconds ago!

The worse thing to me in Windows 10 so far is the first time I\’m using it is that now I can\’t access the Music Store and the Video neither! MS simple omited that for the Brazilian Store!

I use Music Pass for more than 4 years and now they took this for me. Go to \’Old Store\’, tap elipse bottom right , select: \”install local apps\”. Have Fun! Not being able to send and receive SMS, Block calls, or not being able to set individual ringtoes for contacts is not what I would call a stable build.

I don\’t know why anyone would call that stable. It used to happen when i was in last build But not anymore. Happens with me too I have found that the Store Beta has an issue with installing apps. More precisely, it does not tell you that an app cannot be installed on an SD card, it only gives you an error.

If I use the \”old\” store, the particular app notifies me that the app cannot be stored on SD and then asks whether I would like it installed directly on the phone. I can install without problems at this point.

Also, I initially had an issue where it was confused to where the apps were installed. Storage manager said on the phone but in reality they were on the SD card. Hard reset seemed to fix that. HTC One M8. Nothing worked but I figured out last night that I was able to it if by asking Cortana although quiet hours is still flashing in Notifications. Oddly I never had issues with quiet hours overriding alarms. Are you sure quiet hours was what was disabling your alarm? Hi – Upgraded from 8.

Hey Cortana opened up a page that voice activation is not yet available. Had some little issues and ended up doing a hard reset with no backup and installed apps that i needed.

What i am having issues with: email notifications-no sound or banners, text do not read aloud even with the choice activated or announce who they are coming from – only a default sound and tile change. I also really, really miss Hey Cortana!!!!!

You should\’nt have used insider build.. Bad decision. Yasar, what option would you suggest instead? There is no specific work arounds for those issues.. May be it will be fixed in coming builds.. But if you can\’t handle these issues.. You better go back to 8. Anyone find a possible fix!? Reverted back to 8. The only one thing I will say is it\’s a lot faster. Even 8. Unpinning and repining fixed my phone apl!

Thank you! No glance is a deal breaker for me. I can\’t turn Wi-Fi on. Yeah on my WiFi was not working when I hard reset the phone bricked. In fact, I compare with I phone 6 and it is faster than iPhone 6. Forgot to say, it is the first build I have found usable, thats not to say it is good yet.

But getting there. I had this problem too. Performed a hard reset and seems to have been fixed. Is it me or when you are looking for an app on your list the search bar only lets you put in one word each time so it\’s very annoying!!

For me its one letter at a time. Yeah it suck big time I\’m sure it\’s just a bug – otherwise, it\’s just an annoying way to re-implement jump lists :- There\’ve been other times on where my keyboard has suddenly disappeared This is the only build that lasted days for me, and planning to keep it since I already installed it on my main device Lumia The Call History in \”Phone\” app is the only problem I have, but I fixed it now after reading this article.

I also tried going to \”Quiet Hours\” though I really don\’t use that for now because my work schedule is not regular at this time.

And yeah, the Store Beta problem is also there in my phone, but most of the apps that I am using on Windows 8. Even my banks apps are working on this build. Couldn\’t even get this build on my , and I even skipped the last build entirely. Guess I\’ll have to wipe it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android. Anyone know why the dialpad is set to speaker? Very annoying. It\’s still the best build yet. I\’m loving it. I am using this build on my I love it.

My problems so far are: 1 Bluetooth does not work for Fitbit syncing 2 Battery drains faster 3 Truceller, TrueDialler, and Kopy Apps crash upon opening. I have a and after the upgrade it is not showing any version.

I\’ve been playing around with it on the old Seems like they\’re really starting to get it right. The only bug I\’ve run into is the store bug since I don\’t use the phone for calling and don\’t use glance. I\’m thinking that the next build will be the one I finally try it on my One. Its broken on my so maybe the next build for me. My wifi speed is useless after this update so I\’m back on 8.

I also just figured something really great I kept having to turn it off That was already been reviewed by WC Not just Bluetooth.. Wifi also have that option. Well I must have totally missed that review Actually posted about the missing call history on the insider app, and stumbled on this same \’fix\’.

In my experience, Glance screen installs properly from the old store. The problem is, for some reason the new Store Beta is re-processing anything you install from the old store, and when the Store Beta gets to Glance it removes it. If you pull up Glance in the new Store Beta, it says \”this is no longer supported\”.

I\’m not sure if this OS related or not, but my battery seems to drain a lot quicker on my Lumia I also noticed that the notifications center is hit or miss, when the lock screen is active. Yeah the battery problem is something MS should work on pretty soon. I have a big list of issues with apps not functioning properly, to SD cards not being recognized and terribly bad issues with Cortana.. As soon as I boot up my phone, the verizon logo comes up and then I get a message that the SD card is bad and I need to format it.

Selecting Yes or No at that prompt doesnt make any difference. Cortana on the phone is just useless. Some of these features worked in the previous builds, so the features breaking now is kind of bad and something I wouldnt expect to happen Quiet hours would actaully be far more useful to me if it also supported Quiet Locations.

I\’m not in the office in fixed hours, so I still have to set it manually. Even if I could just switch to a silent profile whenever it was connected to a given WiFi signal ie, the office one , that would be good enough.

With the store error, I have found that restarting my phone then trying again usually works. This mainly happens to me when I uninstall an app then go to reinstall it. Using on my It\’s quicker and smoother than the older builds but apps are still crashing every so often. Notifications suck still, especially for Band. A lot of improvement needs to be made.

How\’s the camera speed of the in build ? Going forward my biggest gripe will be system functions that don\’t happen instantaneously.

For example, the delay and stutter opening the action menu. Shouldn\’t make the phone go wonky and another seconds to open. I have seen a bug with light theme. I prove it with lumia , and The same with other options.

Workaround: use dark theme. Ridiculously slow on L, especially start screen. I did not faced any bug or error but 8. I lost my trust to MS since they do not care and fix yellowish blurry photo bug. I don\’t know if they stabilize WP 10 for 82xx generation. I am familiar with the camera updates for \’some Lumia devices\” and mine is one of the \”other Lumia devices\” wpcentral says it can be used for daily phone but it drains the battery 3x fast.

I either I am dreaming or they set everything for the new generations only. I tried every release of WP10 but WP8. I mean its not done lol. When i long press on email to delete there more option appear and suddenly it changes its position from there to side.

Just give a right swipe and delete the mail ,better than long pressing it :. Having pblm with downloading this build on l I have none of these issues, I have the glance screen even after the hard reset. My biggest gripe is the battery drain, but then again it\’s a preview software, otherwise I am actually liking the way OS is turning out.

After using the hamburger menus I am now starting to realise MS\’s point, I think they are more efficient in terms of usage if MS finds out a way to improve accessibility on large screens. Im missing option to add msn weather to lockscreen and mail tile is not updating when reveiving new mail. Also hey!! Cortana is missing and calender is not syncing like it should and sometimes cortana sound is gone.

Im using on my and its a fast and stable build but still some things that need to be solved. Im using it on my primary phone waiting for a next build. Automatic upload of photos to onedrive seems disabled turned off and trying to enable turn it on in the onedrive settings just doesn\’t work. I tried it a couple of times and then it worked. I think it worked because after enabling I closed the app instead of going back. I want that start screen background!

The lack of band support is quite frustrating. I\’ve been unable to get into my phone since the update, after entering the pin code the lock screen stays showing the number pad The people hub tile was live when I first upgraded with a nice animation of circles dancing around. After hard resetting twice, nothing.

If the dancing circle are the best they can do, I hope we can load 8. Total waste of space, images to small to see and I can only see four complete images at a time with a full size tile. Does anyone know of a problem. Any help is gratefully received. Nokia lumia I probably experienced each and every bug on this list,and then some.

I was surprised to see this build work so well for Daniel. But as he stated, mileage may vary on the user. Thank goodness the backup feature works so well. I think ill choose stability over curiosity this summer and wait for a September build before I try windows 10 mobile again. The dealbraker for me was my office work account. The login simply crashes, so I can\’t use mail and OneNote, nor my important office documents I found a work around. If you misspell your domain by one letter and search, it errors out but then let\’s you enter password.

I spent 2 hrs messing with it yesterday. Thanks navidee, I\’ll try that option! My Microsoft is NOT showing in email. However, when I attempt to add it again, it tell me that it is already there. My Gmail and other email accounts are working fine. Somebody can confirm if this build is fixed the notification for Microsoft band?

It\’s still so faaar a way for a daily use so, I rolled back to 8. I\’m using it on my , and while it\’s an older phone, it typically doesn\’t take long to charge the battery. But charging speeds need to change in future updates to Windows 10 Mobile.

It takes hours instead of an hour to charge. I\’m not complaining since it\’s still early on, but suggesting. I used the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to revert back to 8.

Now the only problem I have is Glance, which is not there to deactivate. So, should I do another \”Recovery\” and install again? Another problem is with my Alarms. There are two alarms set for the same time, but I can only deactivate one of them and the other one can\’t be found. Both would play at the same time. The build is stable with a bit of battery drain. Have they fixed the tile personalization bug? Where when you choose the tile option instead of the no background or full background, the images appears in each tile instead of the normal windows 8.

I can\’t record videos with the Lumia camera app. Daniel, I totally agree on the paragraph \”Wrap-Up\” Since installation I have been viewing my L as though its a new phone and loving it with my imagination of what the final build would like like. I truly love it. It is my daily driver. Have problems with touch not responding in W10TP.

Only thing stopping me from running it on my Sometimes touch doesn\’t respond. Sometimes when tapping an icon it will register as me tapping home or another button. Looks good but those annoy the piss out of me. And I don\’t have those issues with 8. If you have a Lumia Icon, you may find, like I have, that you can\’t send or receive pictures via text.

I\’ve not tried sending other ways i. Also, I would love to have a totally separate icon for my linked inboxes and be able to just have a dedicate app for my corporate mail. Even after pinning the inbox for my corporate mail, it still goes back to the last inbox I had open so there it no since in pinning it at all, that I can see.

I will say that this is first build that I did not almost immediately remove upon installing it. So, they are heading in the right direction. Some email accounts don\’t pop up in the action center Can\’t access the background apps settings. I have the HTC one M8. I don\’t even have Cortana on my Battery drain and overheat issues are the only ones really need to be fixed in next build Too many bugs to install it.

LOL I have a notification telling that an update is ready but I\’ll pass. I cannot attach or receive photos to texts. They will not be delivered or cannot open. Using Lumia Icon. I cant change my background on the start menu. I choose it, it just never changes, even in the preview window. You can access glance through search. Things like background app settings dont work.

I also noticed that my theme color does not impact on all parts of the phone at the same time. As I\’m typing this, I changed by theme to red, my keyboard letters appear red when I hit the keys, however the tiles on window central remains ash which was the previous theme I chose.

Mine does the same. I\’m torn, I don\’t want to but I really should go back to 8. It\’s not practical to use all day. Initially my background photos were blurry on my lumia It became clearer after about two days of changing background pix. In order to use Cortana in spanish The only way I got this to work properly is by upgrading from 8.

I\’m now able to use the different keyboard with this build. This build causes an enormous battery drain on my Lumia I\’ve lost a full charge in a matter of a few hours, maybe 2 hours.

The phone runs hot, even with no use. I maybe forced back to 8. I can\’t wait for an update. How do I get People hub to display pictures of my contacts in WM10? I can\’t complete my Cortana setup. I get the starting screen, but can\’t scroll or get to the buttons at the bottom. I can still search, but no personal updates.

Same issue here L Haven\’t tried it yet, but read about changing system font size then opening Cortana. Claims the accept button will show then. That was it. That pesky little dpi scaling issue just won\’t go away. I\’ve now officially gone from \”probably going to recover to 8. Glad to. I\’m still using my old to try the OS so my 8.

As long as future updates don\’t kill it, I\’ll let it be my tester. Holding out for those elusive flagships. By then, all should be good. I received a bug preventing the install. When the loading bar at the install screen reaches near completion, the bar disappears, then the phone resets.

The continuously happened for about 30 minutes until I finally gave up and reloaded 8. I have all problems mentioned above on my Lumia : So, the glance thing isnt that important to me I also noticed, that one of my payed apps onkremote switched to trial mode.

In Store non beta it is marked as payed There are some apps that I cant uninstall. And another thing is, my camera isnt working. When launching the standard App, it only shows a green image but taking pictures, change flashlight etc is working. But it simply save a green image on capture. Lumia Selfie App worked til this morging but crashes now on open. But when I use WhatsApp the camera is working, but if I take a picture, it just switches back to chat without sending or displaying the image.

And the last thing I noticed is the keyboard is sometimes slow. In some cases the swipe function didnt works. On first try it only marks the last char I \”swiped\”, when I delete the char and try again, the word shows up, but the swipe shows a slightly other swipe on keyboard and on third try all works fine.

But all in all, its a pretty cool build! The good news is, my camera is working again. I turned off my l, waited about 5 Minutes and switched it on again, now the camera is taking pictures again. I have an issue where I can\’t set up my Microsoft account to receive email.

When I try to log in it says there is an account already set up to use outlook but the account doesn\’t show up. I am able to set up a second outlook account fine but not my main one. Anyone else have this issue? I have noticed these: on Onedrve app, top bar is orage or yellow. It doesnt change even if you change the colour scheme.

This issue is also in Facebook app, where the bottom buttons are dark yellow. Only problems I noticed is 1. Quiet hours 2. To many pined apps makes my home screen not load up.

Anyone having trouble getting Cortana to work. USA Lumia When opened, she goes into setup and the second screen looks like I\’d need to scroll down to allow access to contacts, etc but will not scroll. I cant login to my Google account! U actually gotta click on the mail and re login.. Happened for me too.. M i the only one having problem with WhatsApp notification in ?

For 1 day, build worked like a dream on my I did have the quite hours problem but thats it. I tried every thing but I couldnt get it to come back. So I tried another hard reset, Thats when things went from bad to worse. The phone wouldnt reset. I just kept getting the turning gears till it drained my battery down to nothing.

Whnt I tried the nokia recovery tool it kept saying my battery was too low. And when I plugged it into the charger. You can also click the Action Center icon to close it. Or, if you\’re using a touchscreen device, tap anywhere outside the Action Center to close it.

The Action Center icon will light up when you have a new notification. You\’ll also see a number indicating how many notifications are available for review.

If you\’re not interested in opening a notification, you can dismiss it without opening and viewing it. At the bottom of the Action Center, there is a grid full of buttons, called Quick Actions, or Actions.

These quick toggles let you do a lot with just a few clicks. Some actions open a settings screen; others will simply toggle a function on or off. Actions in use appear highlighted. Unavailable actions appear grayed out. For example, when your computer is plugged in, Battery Saver will be grayed out. This table lists common actions that appear in the Action Center. Your Action Center may contain different actions based on your computer\’s configuration.

Action Description Airplane Mode. Open the Settings app Battery Saver.



How to Use Focus Assist (Do Not Disturb Mode) on Windows 10

To enable Focus Assist automatically on a schedule, scroll down to the “Automatic rules” section, and then click the “During these times” option. Learn how to change your notification settings and quick actions using the notification center in Windows. Open Cortana; Tap the hamburger menu (upper left); Choose Notebook > Quiet Hours. From this menu, you can enable Quiet Hours right now and add.


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