How to Connect Your Digital Piano to a PC/iPad/Android Device

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Logic pro x midi controller no sound free download

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My only need for the program at the moment, is to re-touch MIDI files that I download for the Internet, and make them into accompaniment files. Although you don\’t need a MIDI controller to make. To open the Global MIDI Preferences pane, choose Logic Pro X→Preferences→MIDI. Stop MIDI keyboards with an internal sound source from generating sounds when used with Logic Pro.


Logic pro x midi controller no sound free download.iControls Pro


We have prepared two in-depth guides for you in case you want to go deeper with DAWs and their capabilities. With a knowledge of MIDI usage, you are opening new, exciting ways to make music. You will be able to customize a set-up that makes the most sense to you.

A great entry-level DAW to start working in is Garageband , which comes free with every Apple computer or device. Garageband is great for producing compositions, tracks for a small ensemble, or generating ideas through the use of Apple loops. This is a good basis for learning to write and mix your own songs. A DAW is a hefty upfront price, but usually a great investment if you plan on continuing to write and record your own music. This is another advanced DAW where you may want to invest in to have access to advanced features including detailed expression maps , macros , and logical editor presets.

Both of these are great to develop your music production skills, and are popular with electronic music composers. In the audio production world, Ableton Live is one of the most popular DAWs due to the attention to detail that it provides.

Apart from being able to record and mix audio tracks, you can also use Ableton Live for your on-stage performances. Previously known as Fruity Loops, Fl Studio is a great audio workstation for creating beats and recording music. Loaded with several powerful VST plugins , Fl Studio allows you to access different sounds from the built-in plugins ranging from synths , to keyboards and bass sounds. You can also create and design your own specific sounds and tones, though you will no doubt need a bit of time and patience to achieve this.

This should let you know of the potential you can unlock if you take the time to properly learn how to use this powerful DAW.

As mentioned above, you can change your acoustic piano sounds into other traditional or electronic instruments, and sound effects. You can take advantage of countless great VST plugins that provide you with top notch quality sounds of upright pianos, grand pianos, vintage pianos, and actually any instruments guitars, violins, drums, etc. How does one do that?! VSTs, otherwise known as samples, or sample libraries , are pre-recorded notes, sounds and phrases that have been programmed into a plugin to be played by your keyboard.

Imagine playing middle C on your piano. You can create multiple instrument tracks, and compose a string ensemble, or perhaps an entire orchestra! You can also learn about different electronically produced sounds, including many different synthesizers and effects.

This powerful plug-in is ideal for any modern musician wanting to explore music production, synth-based samples. This VST includes advanced tuning tools , the ability to save presets, and a playlist that stores your recorded MIDI files that you can use for playback such as for generating ideas, etc. A lot of VSTs can act as standalones, which require nothing else in order for you to make sampled sounds through your keyboard.

However, you have the option to use a sampler which hosts many sampled libraries. It is the industry-standard for hosting the biggest selection of sampled instruments that also comes with its own library of over 55GB in sampled sounds!

Kontakt 6 can act as a basic sampler, or go as in-depth as creating your own sampled instrument. Once you purchase some sample libraries , eg. Spitfire, 8Dio, or CineSamples , they can then be opened via the Kontakt window.

As with all samplers, Spectrasonics, Kontakt, Play, Garritan, etc , these can be accessed as a standalone application, or opened in the DAW of your choice.

Simply create a new software instrument track and open Kontakt in the instrument input selection. You will be able to choose from various options including Mono, Stereo, 5. These other options are there for specific soundscapes for your project. PiaScore — Smart Music Score is an app available for iOS which makes storing sheet music, and reading it accessible in one large portable library!

No need to carry heavy books and loose pages of sheet music around when you can have all this at your fingertips. You can browse and edit sheet music digitally, and then erase practice markings on your score not applicable anymore.

Some of its features include vertical screen scrolling with an adjustable speed no page turns! For the purpose of creating notated sheet music, Sibelius , Finale 26 , and MuseScore are great applications. You can try a free trial of Sibelius Ultimate before purchasing for the full price. If you are just getting started, perhaps Sibelius First , is best for you.

This version is free but has a limitation of four instruments only per score. Sibelius First — Music Notation Software. Sibelius is the next upgrade from Sibelius First, which features scores up to 16 instruments and you will have access to sharing up to 20 scores online with Sibelius Cloud Sharing.

Sibelius Ultimate is the full version with unlimited instruments, custom parts and house styles for how you want your scores to look like. Be wary, Finale is a little more complicated to use for a beginner learning notation on a computer set-up but presents a more slick design. MuseScore has a supportive, active community who are willing to learn and teach beside you. Not only did you buy a digital piano, but it seems like you have your own studio set up right at your fingertips!

I got the px what do I need to connect to Chordana play for piano and playground sessions app? Hey Joseph, it depends on what you want to connect it to. Check out the table in the beginning of the article and let me know if you found the one you need. I would use a ipad ios. Is this true? Either one should work. Thank you for the quick response.

And thank you for all the reviews! Your review on the px is the best review of it out there and the one that sold me on it! Thanks and keep up on the great work!! Thanks for the quick response! Thank you for all your reviews, your review on the px is the best one out there and the review that sold me on it! Thanks and keep up the great work!

I need to replace my ageing Technics top end at the time digital piano and do not want to replace it with a Yamaha, even its top CLP My current piano has a four-track sequencer that I use and need all the time but all new pianos have no more than a two-track sequencer.

Everyone tells me that with modern apps and connectivity multi-track inbuilt sequencers are no longer necessary but no-one has actually told how I can do it externally.

I cannot believe that manufacturers such as Kawai and Roland have abandoned their multi-track sequencers without there being out there an easy and low-cost way of doing it externally that fulfils the feature that they have dropped.

Given what I have specified above, are you able to tell me definitively what I need in order to do what I can so easily do now and how I go about doing it? You are almost my last hope of getting a proper answer to my question. I do hope that you will be able to help. Does it mean that you want to avoid this brand whatsoever? Hi nice article. Another post on this excellent website discusses the different types of digital pianos including portable, console, entertainment, and stage.

We are debating between console e. It is for my daughter, who is age 7 and has been taking lessons for 2. So far, she has used a Yamaha PSR 49 key entertainment type , but her teacher has been encouraging us to get an 88 key model. We expect the next unit to be her practice piano for years. In comparing these two models, we wonder about the degree to which laptop apps can provide the teaching and entertainment part that the has in comparison to the 45? If most of the teaching, synthesizing, producing, etc.

Of course, the apps cost money and take extra time to install and learn in most cases. It would be super helpful if you could comment on these issues. Thanks for providing this excellent website! Just keep in mind that the P has much fewer built-in tones than the DGX, the piano sound is also a bit less expressive.

For a beginner, either of these pianos would be a good choice. My digital piano has a USB type B on its back. Can I use the digital piano on my Android Phone?

All I want is to have some custom rhythms on my piano so play along with some rather uncommon music style highlife from Ghana. I have a CGP So what can I do? I have been able to connect the piano to GarageBand on the Macbook. Any help will be appreciated. Hey Nana, since you cannot load custom rhythms into the CGP, the only way to do it that comes to my mind is to use a third party app that will send MIDI data your custom rhythms from your computer to your digital piano.

Another thing you can do is to render your custom rhythms as audio files and then simply play them back on the CGP via a USB flash drive. Lucas, thanks for your reply and for the good content you provide on this site.

As a beginner piano learner, this site is super helpful. Excellent support We are here for you should you have any questions, experience a problem or just want to reach out. We are continually adding and updating sounds.

Interested in a Soundboard subscription? How to use Sound Alerts. It builds a full atmosphere of a forest rain, with the inclusion of subtle Sound FX. Check them out now. Please read the license file in each directory for information, all are free for use commercially. It gives the space to jam in one place – see who\’s recording, vibe to ideas, discuss and react to them in real-time. Get the app; No thanks.

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Visit the Sound Board website for the latest line-ups, deals, and tickets! Get Tickets. Think of all the possibilities! I will post a follow-up shortly. As for why I was finally ready to switch over, as I am sometimes limited as to how much time I can invest in the preparation of each MIDI file, I was doing minor preliminary editing in QMIDI, to see which files could be \”good enough\” without the extra work of tweaking in GB.

From QMIDI I would then sometimes export the file to AIF, then open in Audacity in some cases, to boost the overall volume as an audio file, boost the bass, or convert the whole file to mp3. Another issue is that GB has many limitations when printing out the score such as printing ten bars of silence but not combining them into one to represent all ten , and it occurred to me that Logic probably did a much better job of that also.

Moreover, since I bought it, I figured that I might as well use it, since there would be a lot more flexibility in other areas that I was yet unaware of. I will try the suggestions that you all gave, and write a follow-up in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, a thousand thanks.

My sincere apologies for not being able to log in for many months. It is a very long story not really worth explaining, but I hope you will forgive me, if you are still out there somewhere.

Thanks again for the suggestions, but I am afraid that I am still in the dark, and with a few NEW complications. First of all, I was formerly using an old version of GarageBand, but it did not allow for tempo changes, so I upgraded to GarageBand 08 and have since been using it extensively.

I also came across a deal on Ableton Live, but I had the same issue. As you might expect, LogicPro 7. Apparently Logic 7. That means I will not be able to open any of the projects that I have already done in GB. Still, I appreciate the suggestion. In further answer to the question above, I need Logic because I am finally finding the limitations to GB. Oftentimes I am not aiming for studio quality, but just for decent playback quality for background music at weddings for example. Sometimes I just don\’t have the time to get hundreds of accompaniment tracks up to studio quality, so I use them as they are, and as I get the free time at home, I polish them little by little, for the next performance.

Of course, I exaggerate by saying \”studio quality\’. Sometimes they have a bug in them, however, and I need to remove an entire track to solve the problem. For example, sometimes the violins are playing in the wrong key for some reason, or there is a bongo track with the rhythm all messed up, and rather than fix the problem, it is sometimes easier just to remove the track or mute it, re-save the MIDI and use it like that.

Sometimes all I need to do is to raise the key, so that I can use the sheet music that I already have in another key, to play along. If I go through the trouble of importing the file into GarageBand and then re-touching it, the main disadvantage is that I have to spend over two hours polishing each track and re-adjusting the volume and so on, when it would have been so much simpler with a MIDI editor capable of making the minor changes.

Incidentally I could easily upload for you any sample of the 2, MIDIs that I have been working with, but I think it might be slightly beside the point, as this is not my problem. Everything at that point looks great, and even instruments seem to be correctly assigned. I see the signals bouncing up and down on the meter, so I know that something is playing. The reason is probably obvious to a studio technician, but to a beginner with Logic, like me, it is not.

I face the same problem with Ableton, and ProTools, so this must be common knowledge to those who know what they are doing. The problem is that these MIDI editors are also much more limited in functionality.

Incidentally, FastFourier,I tried doing what you recommended, but there were no such menu items as you described, at least not in Logic Pro 7. I also tried the link to the article that you recommended, but it was of no help. This seems to be a really simple question, but I just don\’t know which of the 1, buttons to press, or which of the sub-menu items to look for, or which of the preferences to select, in order to find the hidden answer.

As you know, the manuals tend to explain to the user where to find, in the program, all the things that he is accustomed to using in his own recording studio. They take it for granted that the user is already familiar with a recording studio set-up and the hardware and all the terminology associated with it, and cannot imagine that someone would start out relatively new in the field by using Logic, rather than starting out in a studio or else taking a course.

Consequently the manuals tell me very well where to find things, and how to turn them on and off, but do not explain well what they are in the first place. This may be beside the point. I strictly want to import existing MIDI files into Logic, play them with sound available, edit them, change around the instrumentation, and so on, and then perhaps export the revised file to MIDI or to mp3 format for use in my mp3 player.

Not that complicated. In fact, even Garage Band automatically assigns sounds to all the instruments whenever a MIDI file is imported, although it does not always interpret them with the same data, so I usually have to polish each track once imported.

Anyway, in conclusion, my only question is how to get sound out of the MIDI after it is already successfully imported into Logic, where the instruments are already assigned. Move the MIDI region to an audio instrument track an load an instrument in its instrument slot. You can do this from the inspector or from the mixer window. Mac mini 3. Thank you for trying to help me.

I understand the general gist of what you mean. I suppose that, if I connected a controller, such as a keyboard, I would get sounds out of the keyboard.

But regarding how to make \”audio\” tracks out of these MIDI tracks, I did not understand the specific steps you gave to accomplish the task. In Logic 7, In the \”arrange\” window, after importing the MIDI, I have about 33 horizontal tracks on the screen: the first eight say \”audio 1,\” \”audio 2,\” \”audio 3,\” etc; the next eight are \”Inst 1,\” \”Inst 2,\” \”Inst 3,\” etc whatever that means. Finally, the last 17 tracks have MIDI instrument icons assigned to them, based on the song imported.

Not all of these tracks are used, however–only about eight of them have MIDI data, in the form of long green horizontal bars, each one of them saying \”sequence\” to left side, and presenting the data in the form of musical staves.

The other button gives me the options of \”surround,\” \”output,\” and \”bus\” whatever that means. Below that appears to be a volume slider that says \”off\”.

BUT, in the \”track list\” where the instrument icons appear to the left of each track, I can click the word \”audio 1\” beside the first track the one that I moved , and a menu appears, including the option of selecting a \”MIDI instrument\” and a \”GM Device\” submenu, from which appear a long list of instruments, each one appearing in parentheses, but none of them produce any sound as I play back this track.

Yes, I do see signals moving in the meter, but I hear no sound. I also see the menu item \”Audio instruments\” from which a submenu appears with a list of \”Inst 1,\” \”Inst 2,\” \”Inst 3,\” none of which produce any sound when the song is subsequently played.

By the way, I find no sample Logic files that I could open and experiment with.


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