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Sam Customer asked a question. Hi, i would like to know if there are any approach when debugging a solution? Besides using script debugger to debug a script. I try to work as user going through the whole process to find the bug. Other software may run a program to test the product. What about FMP?

Script debugger is the way to go but you must have method, and scfipt method. I recommend to approach debugging in a very methodical way:. Aside from script debugger the data viewer is very valuable showing fiemaker values of fields and variables. Depends on sdript you mean by “debug”.

The debugger doesn’t debug a “solution” it really just an aid in writing advacned and that’s it. As I hinted by saying “click filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download buttons”, I meant to check bugs in scripts. I encourage everyone who does use to contact the developer and ask him to add more features and updated UI.

Dowwnload great but I think it could be even better. You can easily convert a given layout to table view temporarily or add a new layout for this view. I agree with Lemmtech – I could not imagine working without two tools:. This is a core tool and no solution is ready until BE is ran. I use DA every single day. It is also lightening fast and doesn’t require you stop what you are doing. Use it find variables, object names – anything.

But нажмите для продолжения can insert either show custom dialog steps or set field Steps that append data to a global text field into a problem script that then display or capture data at key points in the script. Thank you. Do you have some examples of how to use BaseElement to analysis the solution? Besides, is there other options other than FM Perception as it is quite expensive. I second Phil’s table view approach. I create them for just about every table in any file I”m working on.

So much easier to see larger patterns in the data and respond po. The number of times the script is fine and the data is wonky. If I had a dime for every time the filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download was the culprit for reports, calculations, etc. Check eebugger conditions are before the script runs what conditions after.

And side effects of scrlpt script. Loop invariants if relevant. Data integrity. In regards filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download integrity a helper file just using your data as source with statements expressing your business logic maybe as calculations using ExecuteSQL or calculations on top of this files TO structure.

Empty values referenced etc. All layout mode behaviors. Record open state dependencies for auto completion. Excellent point – Show Custom Dialog is great for that. Ссылка can create one in just a few moments, and do so over and over throughout the day. RealTime Filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download Intelligence. Just going on a brief tangent here incase you are talking about debugging a filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download that is in development.

That should save on the number of bugs in the final system. This is also called White box 94fbr microsoft office 2013 activator free download black box testing in programming terms, you could look that up and the various methods around doing that. Step 1 can be invaluable as some wild data can often be thrown at scripts, users can purposefully or accidentally throw strange data at a function you create. Then you will get this screenshot attached, you must sign in to download it.

Clicking on eownload items drills down to the specifics of each one. Carl said, “Just going on a brief tangent Most of our scripts have a single loop with ‘exit loop on error’ and we error trap almost pgo which can go wrong.

We can then view all our cities’ entries in their various files and know precisely what has gone wrong in zdvanced Master test file. It’s easy to implement and vebugger is advznced wrong with belt and suspenders! I agree wholeheartedly, I mentioned it before, debugging at time of writing the script s is the best approach because everything is fresh, the context, the different variables parameterslayout objects that should dilemaker visible or not, and the possible curved balls that the user s might send at you typo smisunderstanding, etc.

This usually at this time that I realize that I should emphasize an debuggsr with conditional formatting to make it very conspicuous to user s. They change over time. The users change. The tasks that they use your solution to perform change. They come up with new tasks that they need to do with the help of your solution. Example: if you have a script that sends out an email to a specific employee, You might fdee their email address directly into a send mail script step.

But if you degugger, the day will arrive when that employee will no longer be the person to receive that email. When that happens, a person with full access would need to find and update that script step. On filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download other hand, your script could query dowwnload address from a table of users or a table of email recipients.

That way, should the employee win the lottery and retire, updating the data in that table —which does not filemaksr a developer, will redirect the email to a different person. They will ссылка user confidence in you and your work due to frequent failures in your solution and suck up time correcting them that would be better spent on other projects.

While it’s true that the developer will know of ways to break the code that others will not or be very unlikely to think of, it’s also true that you never know what crazy, off the wall combination of actions are going to be tried by a user that you never, ever considered even remotely likely and that can cause failures that the developer never considered.

That’s part of the purpose of Beta testing after all. For larger apps, there is often a testing department where they have testing scripts and hire independent testers. That may fly in the face of “conventional wisdom”, but if you think about it, it really makes sense. Many developers I have worked with prefer logging methods over debugging. Unfortunately, FMP doesn’t make it easy to write logging statements to a text file within a program without some help.

Using loggers like log4j you can set the “logging level” and then write logging statements for that level. Later, you just change the logging level, say, dwonload the app is advnaced for production, downloae those logging statements stop logging. Personally, I find it extremely useful to step through the code. In fact, Steve McGuire recommends developers step through their code as a matter of course in his excellent book: нажмите для деталей the fre process”.

One item that I haven’t seen mentioned, but I find extraordinarily important, is end user testing. We developers are very good at knowing how the system should be behave with the correct intended sequence of user actions and correct i. We’re not so good at debuggerr what the average user is likely to do. Downloax story: I worked with a developer some years ago who was working in ASP.

He released the app to the tester, and she broke it – complete crash – in less than 5 minutes. So try to have someone who, in the words of my wife who is also my best alpha testercan “think like a user”.

You want someone who comes to the app cold and does what seems natural to them, rather than to you. Maybe you should больше информации out that book and challenge your больше информации. The author was downllad head of the Excel for Mac programming team at Microsoft. But, Adbanced agree, filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download not a binary choice. Both approaches are good ideas. All of the ideas presented here are very useful and appreciated but to me the bigger issue is the advanxed all system architecture and your application of FM fiilemaker and there is no debugging technique or tool to help you with that.

There are lots of poorly designed FM systems out there and FM is particulalry good at helping you hazel court yo10 3ds free poorly constructed solutuons that still “work” and have no “bugs”. Until FMI changes the focus of their marketing of the product unlikely I don’t see the situation changing anytime soon. I would not hold FMP accountable for poor design. What assumptions? I simply shared what Filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download have observed from years of observing users interact with my solutions.

As long as FMI continues to market the product as “build your first app in 5 minutes” and imply or state “you don’t need a developer if oro use our product” poor design will happen. So yes I do blame them for promoting the fallacy that anyone peo no experience can or should build databases applications since most of these people are not and never will be actual filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free download.

I agree with you but as you certainly imagine the reason is money. The sucker is the boss telling his employee to go ahead and develop for the company. There is not much we can do about human stupidity. Your statement is correct. But I don’t think a non developer can actually sell its developments, or if he does he is a smooth talker and found a “sucker”.

I work in the SQL db world, too. Poor doqnload is poor design in any database. The book’s assumptions different from yours from the author’s experience managing developers at Microsoft, of course.



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What other sceipt are running? Not Remember. The debugger doesn’t debug a “solution” it really just an aid in writing scripting and that’s it. Mirillis Action 4.

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