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Hitman2 Trial version. User rating User Rating 9. You will plan detailed takedowns of priority targets, as well as use the environment against enemies, wear disguises, and stealth your way through expansive locations. In Hitman 2, you take on the role of assassin Agent 47 to infiltrate varied locations and eliminate specific targets.

Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman 2 continues from their previous Hitman game but with many more improvements. Rather than being a true open-world game, Hitman 2 offers self-contained levels packed with detail. From the bustling city of Mumbai to the autumnal environs of suburban America, Hitman 2 will push your graphics card to its limit. If there’s any negative to the game, it’s the price and technical specifications. You can pick up the Gold edition for Windows, which includes all expansions and in-game items, i.

Every Hitman game places an emphasis on finding creative ways to off your targets, and Hitman 2 takes this to the next level. Each location has multiple secret areas and subtle environmental clues to help you plan the perfect assassination. The game can be played offline, but at the expense of achievements and levelling up.

To get the most out of Hitman 2, you need to have an internet connection. Online multiplayer is also where Hitman 2 truly excels. You can compete against others in sniper challenges or try to eliminate five targets before another player in Ghost Mode. We don’t have any change log information yet for version of Hitman 2.

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HITMAN™ 2 on Steam.


Your shot is true, the Mafioso falls, and minutes later his companion, the general, climbs into the armored limo where you’ve planted a bomb. You silently walk from the devastation and prepare for your next mission. Hitman 2 is the perfect game of cat and mouse, hunter and hunted, genetically modified assassin and the dead. In this sequel to Hitman: Codename 47 , 47 is forced out of retirement by the kidnapping of a friend and priest.

Although not heavy on plot, Hitman 2 makes up for it in every other way, from sublime graphics and sounds to its perfect use of the Xbox controller. The game now allows players to go through levels in the fashion they choose. If you want, you can try to blast everything that moves and hope your target is in the kill zone. Or try drugging a delivery man, swapping clothes and silently garroting your victim from behind.

This is what makes the game such a pleasure to play, it’s as close as you can get to feeling like you have total control of what you do and how you do it.

The game includes quite a selection of weapons, from the two types of sniper rifles, to machine guns, to the garrote and kitchen knife’47 will never tire of new ways to kill. Other improvements to the game include a limited number of in-game missions saves, the ability to play in first or third person and my favorite, the ability to look through the keyholes of just about any door.

Bottom line, Hitman 2 is a must buy, must play, must try to force yourself off the ‘box to get a wink of sleep because it’s so damned addictive. The more astute gamers out there may be wondering where the heck a console version of the original Hitman ended up. Were afraid it took a hit after the PC release. It had a novel premise a no-nonsense bald mercenary with a barcode on the back of his neck, killing people and undeniably entertaining gameplay involving costume changes, stealth or all-out gunfire.

It also had lots of problems, such as the lack of an in-game save, the clunky control that left some gamers wondering if the hero was wearing concrete boots, and doors that required an entire SWAT team to open properly.

But as lo Interactive takes another shot at the hitman simulation and swears theyll fix these issues, were more than prepared to believe them, jet off around the world to a variety of exotic locations, meet interesting people. And kill them. You are Agent 47, a genetically engineered assassin currently resting in a Sicilian monastery, suffering from pangs of guilt and wondering if offing organized-crime syndicate bosses is really his lifes calling.

The answer of course, is yes, as gamers arent going to line up for a Franciscan Monk simulation. Agent 47 has little time to ponder his eternal damnation, as a horrendous act of treason forces him back into the business. First stop? A mansion bursting with black-suited goons, a fat mob boss and a variety of mission plans to ponder. After an exhaustive playtest on both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, were pleased to report that both games look amazing. Not Splinter Cell amazing, but pleasantly impressive, with crisp, clean and large environments.

But its the novel game-play concept thats likely to entice you: At the start of each job, youre briefed, Mission: Impossible style, about just who needs shooting in the head.

In addition, if some secret plans need snaffling, youll be shown what these look like. Then its on to the ordinance closet for a spot of gun polishing. Yes, you get to choose the weapons for the job, and you can carry five. So if you want to cover the walls of your preys mansion in a fabulous new color called hint of brain, pack the SPAS 12 Shotgun.

If, however, long-range sniping is your bag, stuff a Dragunov SVD rifle into your overcoat. After youve packed enough heat to star in the movie Heat, its off for a bout of bad-guy culling. Depending on how bloodthirsty youre feeling, actual missions vary a great deal. You could spot The Don taking golf swings from his mansion balcony and plug him in the eye with a sniper bullet. You could trek through the mansion itself, where silenced machine guns provide a quick dispatch method without the facilitys entire goon population overwhelming you.

Or how about tagging an innocent so you can steal his outfit for a disguise? Just be sure to hide the body; semi-naked corpses tend to make the Mafia a little suspicious. Then explore the mansion safely until you locate your target and do him in.

The point is that the use of stealth and a little creativity is absolutely required to be successful in any of Hitmans levels. Although the control is initially cumbersome every button on the joypad is utilized , and negotiating the in-game menu system is sometimes problematic choosing to open a door or look through a keyhole while youre being shot in the backside kinda sucks , the grand scope of Hitman 2 looks to thrill and excite.

Just how grand is the scope? The Bucharest Symphony Orchestra was hired for the soundtrack. Just how diverse are the assassination targets? Make no mistake; Hitman 2 looks set to provide more gang banging for your buck than ever before. Some people like to blast everything in sight. Others do it with more style. Hitman 2 is a shooter that emphasizes stealth and technique over mindless action hey, you’re a “silent assassin,” not a space marine.

For example, you’ll have to figure out how to infiltrate a drug lord’s heavily guarded estate, then take out Mr. Scarface without alerting every bodyguard within earshot.

Report this product Report this game to Microsoft Thanks for reporting your concern. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action.

Sign in to report this game to Microsoft. Report this game to Microsoft. Report this game to Microsoft Potential violation Offensive content Child exploitation Malware or virus Privacy concerns Misleading app Poor performance. How you found the violation and any other useful info. Submit Cancel. Shop now. Games Included. While some may contend the rambling arrangement of late Hitman games exists to drain however much cash as could reasonably be expected from fans, it might likewise be a vital move for the organization to stay beneficial now it is free.

Regardless of his amazingly high bodycount, Agent 47 has demonstrated to be a famous character, and fans will without a doubt just observe his murder insights increment in the following Hitman game. Also Read: Borderlands 2 Free Download. We should begin with the Featured Contracts. This is the place Hitman 2 pc game download requests that the network think of agreements, or difficulties, with the best ones at that point being remembered for the game for all players to appreciate.

The entries are really shut, so simply head on over to the game as the picked agreements go online today, April 8. There will be two Elusive Target Reactivations, with the first going on the web on April And a past that catches up with you. Trust no one – if the price is right, the finger of your most trusted ally will be on the trigger. Your targets may hide in the most remote areas of the planet, but their destruction is never prevented – only postponed.

Learn your trade – master your tools – overcome your obstacles – outsmart your enemies – eliminate your targets. Remember – rash decisions bleed consequences. Know when to strike instantly, know when to take your time. Chance favours the prepared player. Failure is not an option – it is a privilege reserved for those who do not try hard enough. You have returned – and you will track down the organization that forced you out of retirement.

You may find that the enemy is closer than you think – retrace your steps, and you will prevail. I love this game hshshsh xxhxg g dhdysydhdbdbdydydbdbehsinwbeve eehshdbdhsyd ddududndndbdhdhdhdhdbdbdudsnsmsnsnsjjdnxbc hi ychf fy Suzie Divine bqwjsj sjdjdgd in d dndudd d dv by hd More.

I play this game I like to play this game now i well play this game. A lot of people say Blood Money is the best of the Hitman series! But, I have to prove this wrong because Hitman 2: Silent Assassin exist! It has more complex missions and games that really arouse my adrenaline rush and intellectual skill, unlike Blood Money which I get easily bored.

Although, I have to commend Blood Money for having a better graphics than Hitman 2 but still, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin stands out for me!


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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Free Download (v) PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. Hitman 2 PC Game Download Full Version Free. Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman 2 is the second sequel to released World of Assassination Trilogy.


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